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Pink Gloves Boxing är ett koncept utöver det vanliga- det stärker din kropp, bygger upp dina muskler, utvecklar din teknik som boxare oavsett tidigare erfarenhet samt stärker och utmanar dig att möta dagen som en “champion”.

Träningen sker under 60 minuter i ett speciellt stationsträningssystem:

Helkroppsfys, boxsäck, fotarbete, skuggboxning och pricefight.


Between burpees and tiger crawls, you will burn fat, build muscle, and become mentally stronger.

“This is where I get to kick my own ass.”

~ Sara L.

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The reason that many people take on long duration and low intensity activities is because at low intensities your body is burning fat, and it is really easy. In contrast, it isn’t during high intensity activities that your body burns the most fat, but afterwards. Do you think you burn more fat in one hour or in one day? After a Pink Gloves workout, your body’s post-exercise metabolic rate becomes elevated and your energy expenditure will continue throughout the day. This phenomenon is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and keeps your body in a constant state of fat metabolism. Also, you will find that hormone and enzyme activity is increased and this has a direct correlation to fat loss (Enamait).

Heavy Bag

Between a well-timed jab and a flurry of hooks, you will build endurance by blasting your worries away.

“It’s the best way to knock the stress out of the day.”

~ Tasa K.


Between the speed ladder and jump rope, you will develop a coordination and balance to help you find the rhythm in your life.

“I feel like I’m in a sweatier version of Dancing with the Stars.” 

~ Jackee P.


This is where you practice the punches of the day. Between you and the mirror, you will gain focus, block distractions, and enhance your appreciation for the beauty of your own image.

“It’s a good thing my reflection is so fast, otherwise these punches would knock me out.”

~ Nicole B.

Prize Fight

This is where you punch one-on-one with the trainer. Between practicing new techniques and polishing your form, you will realize how fun it can be to burn yourself out.

“At the point where I wanted to quit, my trainer showed me I was just getting started. And now, I carry that lesson with me everywhere I go.” 

~ Jessie M.

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